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The Initiative

The MICCAI Educational Initiative is a collection of efforts lead by the MICCAI Student Board. Our main goal is to provide educational material for researchers in the field of medical image analysis. The initiative has started with the MICCAI Educational Video Challenge in 2014 and has been largely expanding since. You can now find on our website links to the Educational Challenge for 2015, lectures of the Medical Image Summer School (MISS) 2014, the online reading group, and other educational resources.

Our initiative features educational videos about fundamental concepts in medical image analysis that are particularly useful for young scientists and newcomers in the field. One can also profit from the great talks given by MICCAI scientists and fruitful discussions in the paper reading group. Our group of volunteering students are very eager to help sharing scientific knowledge and we will be happy to receive your support and feedback.

MICCAI Educational Challenge

The MICCAI Educational Challenge is a video challenge that will be held for the second time at MICCAI 2015. The goal is to encourage members of the MICCAI community to create educational videos on fundamental concepts in medical image analysis and computer-aided interventions. This way we hope to build a library of educational videos about fundamental concepts in medical image analysis and computer-aided interventions. A good collection of these materials will allow the students and other interested researchers to learn the basics of medical image analysis by self-study during the start of their projects. This will make the field more accessible and shorten the required start-up time for new students.

Online Student Reading Group

We are happy to announce the MICCAI Student Board Discussion Group, an online forum dedicated to the discussion of research papers, software platforms and open data, educational videos (such as recent years' MEC entries), the MICCAI conference, and of course also non-related fun stuff.

The Discussion Group will allow students to foster ongoing research discussions across the entire MICCAI community and throughout the entire year. Whether you have a question about a paper, a class of algorithms, where to find open data or software, or a roommate for the MICCAI conference, we hope that the MICCAI Student Board Discussion Group will be a good place to start!

Come check it out at www.piazza.com!

  1. Click Students Get Started
  2. Search for the school called "MICCAI Student Board"
  3. Select Term: Spring 2015
  4. Under Class 1, choose "MICCAI Student Board Discussion Group: Discussion Group". Class access code: miccai.

Summer Schools and Other Resources

Medical Imaging Summer School are a great way to get started in out field. The organizers of the 2014 Medical Imaging Summer School (MISS) were extremly helpful in creating videos of all of their talks:

We encourage everyone to investigate other summer schools offered in the community, including:

Over the years we've gathered several other resources:

Online Student Community

The Miccai Student Board maintains several communities