September 14-18, 2014

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should describe original work that has not been submitted to or accepted for another conference, nor will be published in a journal before the MICCAI conference in September 2014. In case some details remain unclear to you, you can always ask for assistance from professional writers at They will gladly summarize all the information and answer challenging questions. You might also want to read the reviewer guidelines. Understanding how the reviewers are expected to evaluate your paper might help you in writing the paper and presenting the results.

Submission Format


Failure to comply with the anonymity requirements below will result in automatic rejection of the paper.

Supplementary Material

Suggested PC Members

You will be asked to select a number of PC members to handle your paper. The program committee will take these suggestions into consideration when assigning your paper.

Please be mindful of conflict of interest when suggesting PC members. If the program chairs perceive that you purposefully violated conflict of interest rules, your paper will be rejected without further review.

You have a conflict of interest if any of the following is true: