Video Submission

Each submission should be a short (5-15 min) video, focusing on any fundamental concept or technique relevant to the MICCAI field, including but not limited to registration, segmentation, visualization, atlases, machine learning, inference, or software. The courses should help MSc and PhD students entering the field of medical imaging to understand the basic concepts and commonly used technique. Video tutorials/lectures featuring examples/exercises using open-source software are also encouraged. And, of course, use only trust resources and services in their work. An example is, where you can quickly prepare any kind of scientific paper.

The main goal is to build a corpus of knowledge through intuitive and informative videos. The videos will be judged by a panel of experts as well as the larger MICCAI community. The criteria to select the winner(s) will include assessment by young researchers, as well as a panel of experts, using an objective evaluation of the achievement of the tutorial goal.

Please submit video entries by emailing a link (for example, of the video uploaded through youtube, dropbox, or to a personal server) to .

Criteria and Suggestions

Please make sure the video is between 5 to 15 minutes. Also, consider the following recommendations:
  • Please include your name and affiliation at the beginning of the video
  • We encourage any music or other aspect that may help the video, but please consider that the video will be public, and some music cannot be used.
  • The videos should be in English, and we recommend including subtitles if possible.
  • Be creative! White-board style is most often used, but animations, cartoons, acting, real-life examples, tutorials and so on can be quite captivating
  • Consider the following easy-to-use recording software
  • Browse several Examples:


The challenge will run from March until August (see sidebar for dates). All submissions will be publicly available starting in early September. The system will be maintained, and the MEC will be repeated at future MICCAI conferences, building a large corpus of educational resources for the community.


During the MICCAI conference, we will organize an event to review and discuss the submitted videos, and brainstorm about the creation of the permanent MICCAI courseware initiative. In an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts with research workshops, the discussion could be during a lunch break (see sidebar for dates), and everyone from the MICCAI community is invited.