September 14-18, 2014

Workshops, Challenges, Tutorials

Most workshops, challenges and tutorials will be held on MIT campus, at two different locations: the Student Center (building W20) and the Stata Center (buildings 32 and 36). Posters, coffee breaks and lunches will be provided in an area close to the workshop rooms in each location.

Some Sunday workshops and challenges will be held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School (HMS), 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA. We will provide buses between Kresge Auditorium at MIT and the Martin Conference Center at HMS in the morning (departing at 7:00am and at 7:30am) and in the evening (departing at 5:15pm). Alternatively, you can use public transportation or taxi.

Most workshops are full day; half-day workshops are marked as AM or PM.

In the schedule below, "HMS" indicates that the workshop is held at HMS. The workshop location is provided as Building-Room. The first digit of the room number indicates the floor on which the room is located. For example, "HMS Martin-217" indicates that the workshop is held in the Martin Conference Center at HMS, in room 217 on the second floor. Similarly, "W20-308" indicates that the workshop is held in room 308 on the third floor of building W20 (the Student Center) at MIT. You can see the relevant buildings on MIT campus here.

Important: All registration materials for participants who registered online for workshops held at HMS will be available at the Martin Center on Sunday morning. No on-site registration will be available at HMS. To register on site, you must come by MIT first, before going to HMS. On-site registration will be available starting at 7:00am on Sunday morning, in the lobby of Kresge Auditorium.

Sunday Workshops

S-W1Augmented Environments for Computer Assisted Interventions32-155
S-W2Clinical Image-Based Procedures: Translational Research in Medical ImagingHMSMartin-109
S-W3Computing and Visualization for Intravascular Imaging and Computer Assisted Stenting 32-144
S-W4 (PM)Modeling and Monitoring of Computer Assisted Interventions32-141
S-W5Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy32-124
S-W6Deep Brain Stimulation Methodological Challenges - 2nd Edition32-449
S-W7Computational Biomechanics for Medicine IXW20-308
S-W8 (AM)Sparsity Techniques in Medical ImagingW20-407
S-W9Machine Learning in Medical ImagingW20-306
S-W10(PM)High Performance Computing in Biomedical Image AnalysisW20-301
S-W11Interactive Medical Image Computing HMSMartin-217
S-W12Imaging GeneticsW20-307
S-W13Abdominal Imaging: Computational and Clinical Applications32-463
S-W14Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine ImagingHMSMartin-214
S-W15 (AM)Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis36-428
S-W16 (PM)Computational Methods for Molecular ImagingW20-407
S-W17* (AM)Computational Clinical Decision Support and Precision Medicine in Brain CancerHMSMartin-216

Sunday Challenges

S-C1DTI Challenge on Peritumoral White Matter Tractography for Neurosurgical InterventionsHMSMartin-138
S-C2Challenge on Endocardial Three-dimensional Ultrasound Segmentation36-462
S-C3 (PM)Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking36-428
S-W17* (PM)Digital Pathology Classification and Segmentation ChallengeHMSMartin-216
S-W17* (PM)Brain Tumor Image Segmentation ChallengeHMSMartin-216
*This event is part of a full day, three-event cluster focusing on brain tumor analysis. The cluster will take place in one room, with the workshop in the morning and the two challenges running concurrently in the afternoon. Please register for S-W17 in order to participate.

Sunday Tutorials

S-T1Medical Image Segmentation: Beyond Level-SetsW20-491
S-T2Generative and Discriminative Learning for Medical Imaging W20-201

Thursday Workshops

Th-W18Image Guided TherapyW20-306
Th-W19 (AM)Computer-Assisted and Robotic EndoscopyW20-308
Th-W20Intelligent Imaging: Linking MR Acquisition and Processing36-462
Th-W21Computational Diffusion MRI36-428
Th-W22Spatio-Temporal Image Analysis W20-407
Th-W23Bayesian and Graphical Models for Biomedical ImagingW20-491
Th-W24Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big DataW20-307
Th-W25Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart32-449

Thursday Challenges

Th-C6 (AM)Challenge on Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring32-507
Th-C7 (AM)Challenge on Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Dementia Based on Structural MRI DataW20-201
Th-C8 (PM)Machine Learning Challenge: Predicting Binary and Continuous Phenotypes from Structural Brain MRI DataW20-201

Thursday Tutorials

Th-T3 (AM)Building Image-Guidance Systems From Open-Source ComponentsW20-301